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We are a diverse team of professionals who have a strong belief that founders, entrepreneurs and professionals could be better served. Our range of skills and our proactive services make us different. But our passion and how it shapes us is what truly makes us unique.

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Our Passion & Beliefs

By nature we are creative and innovative thinkers. We are also curious and highly empathetic. We fundamentally believe we can think up “better ways”, bring them to the world, and have them make a positive impact on those around us. It’s this passion that drives us in the accounting world: we know that small business accounting could be better, and we are out to change it to just that.

Small business accounting should be more valuable

Nothing is more heartbreaking to us than hearing someone describe their current accounting services as “the bare minimum”. We were founded on the belief that small business owners should have the same access to professional support as larger companies. To us that means engaged, collaborative and proactive support.

Small businesses should always have forward looking plans

Small business owners are more concerned with where they are going, than with where they have been in the past. And rightfully so. Unfortunately, traditional accounting doesn’t look forward. That’s why our services include budgets, forecasts and other planning tools. Success is then just a matter of execution.

Small business owners should be able to focus on what they love

Typically, small business accounting and bookkeeping is considered a “necessary evil”. Yet, there is tremendous value in it. The problem is that founders, professionals and entrepreneurs have other passions. That's why we call ourselves Twenty Eighty (“Pareto’s law”). With everyone focussing their strengths on what they love and what they’re great at, we believe we can create positive, disproportionate value.

Some of our amazing clients

We do things in that truly-done-for-you but work-with-you-so you win kind of way.

How our passion and beliefs shape our services

You’ll see a common thread in everything we do: we value what you love doing the most. Nine times out of ten, that means our primary focus is doing more for you… so you can do less.

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It means that we take care of everything end to end

To help you get to what you love, we set out to provide a complete finance function. That includes traditional functions like bookkeeping, payroll and tax, but also less thought about (but still important) jobs like forecasting, budget tracking, business planning and strategizing.

It means that we are responsive and collaborative

In order to do more for you, we need to know more about you. Because of that we value relationships a lot more than most. Does that mean extra lunches out? No. But it does mean you get a dedicated team. One that knows you and your business as if it were their own.

It means that we are proactive

To free up more of your time, we offer a lot of things that you won’t see elsewhere: services such as budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management. But it’s not just what we do that helps, it’s also how we do it. Everything we offer is done to help reduce your workload, burdens and stress.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

We create disproportionate value. Not just for your business, but for you.


We say your team because our mission is to be an extension of you

As a client of Twenty Eighty you will have more than one of these amazing people dedicated to your team. Take a look at who they are, what they do and what they’re all about. And feel free to reach out.

Jonathan Ballot, CPA

The biggest compliment I can get is when a client says to me “I’ve never had a tax guy explain things so clearly to me before!”

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Adam Dumaresq, CPA

I am passionate about continuous learning, embracing challenges, and cultivating meaningful connections with the people around me.

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Kelvin Gieck, CFA

I’ve always loved business, technology, numbers and just generally helping people. Seeing those collide everyday, and the impact that they can have on someone else is truly amazing. It’s what makes this a real passion for me.

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Valerie Groeneveldt

What I like most about my job is that it allows me to help other people be successful. If I can help with the accounting “detail work” and allow our clients to focus on their great ideas, that is a win-win position for me.

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Ayna Halnazarova, CPA

I became an accountant because of a simple formula, I had a passion for business and I was great at math. Bure more so, because my Grandpa, a business owner, was a huge mentor and inspiration.

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Megan Laveck

Bringing over 8 years of administrative experience with expertise in the accounting industry, I have found my specialty in personalized assistant support where I can dedicate and utilize my skills to provide superior support to my team.

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Dana MacCallum

I decided to become a bookkeeper to combine my passions for relationship-building and helping others achieve success.

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Dani Martens

My favourite part about helping business with bookkeeping is alleviating stress. As a business owner, the last thing you need to be worrying about it whether or not you’re doing your bookkeeping and accounting right when you know that precious time could be used to build your business.

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Martha Mueller

As a bookkeeper, my passion started with the love of math and business, but what drives me today is helping businesses succeed. As the world of accounting has changed and evolved, I have come to embrace new technologies and forward-thinking strategies.

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Taha Pathan

What drew me into accounting was my love for being a problem solver. I've always had a different way of seeing things than others and used that to help people whenever I could.

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Dion Stockli

I'm a highly motivated bookkeeper with a passion for helping businesses succeed. With my experience as a former business owner, I understand the importance of having accurate financial records, and I'm excited to help other businesses get their bookkeeping in order.

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Jodi Tort

I consider myself a 'behind the scenes' individual - so I'm happy to pay attention to smaller details regarding bookkeeping and payroll. Every business needs this type of support - right??

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Kimberley Werstiuk

As a bookkeeper, I love being a part of the business owners journey to success. I am passionate about great communication, improving efficiency and new technology. I truly love helping others, attending to all the little details and having fun while doing it.

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