Small business accounting the way it should be

We eliminate the stress, frustration and countless wasted hours that founders, entrepreneurs and professionals face with their business finances.

"Ready to review your financials when you are!"
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“Let's forecast your cash flows!”

why twenty eighty?

Because time is the one thing you can't make more of

You know you could be building more of your better widget, delivering more awesome services, or simply doing other things you love if you weren’t so bogged down by your bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting or forecasting.

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Offload everything you need

Our services are “managed”. That means we take over the entire finance function of your small business. That includes typical things like bookkeeping, accounting and tax. But also other important “jobs to be done” like forecasting, budget tracking, business planning and strategizing.

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Get a dedicated, collaborative team

Our business model is hinged on relationships: knowing you and your business, and your future goals, as if they were our own. You get a dedicated, highly responsive team you can talk to at any time. One that actually loves to talk about your business because they know the positive impacts it will provide.

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Start getting real help

Our services include a lot of things that you won’t often see elsewhere: budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management. But it isn’t just what we do, it’s how we do it. With every task we complete our aim is to help your operations, reduce your efforts and eliminate your questions and stress.

Why do we do it?

Our unique view of small business accounting drives everything we do

Future-focused, value-driven, and more involved. We are passionate about helping small businesses thrive, and it genuinely drives everything we do. So how exactly should your accounting look?

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Meeting Scheduled
Monlthy Budget Review
Wednesday at 2:30pm

Your bookkeeping and accounting should feel valuable

You shouldn’t have to settle for “the bare minimum”. We believe small businesses are much better served with truly active, proactive support.

You should always have an eye on the future

Everyone wants and needs budgets, forecasts and financial plans. But few businesses actually have them. That’s why it's a core focus of our offerings. Success is then just a matter of following the plans.

You should be focusing on what you love

There is a reason that we’re called Twenty Eighty. It’s a play on the “law of the vital few”. We believe that when you focus your efforts, and we focus ours, we can create disproportionate value.

What services do we offer?


We know your time is extremely precious

We can handle your entire bookkeeping process for you end to end:

  • Eliminating all the time you spend on your books and payroll
  • Ensuring everything is recorded properly and in real time
  • Letting you focus on the things that matter to you
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Accounting is a tedious venture for small business owners

We can take over your entire accounting function and:

  • Remove any confusion around setting up and maintaining your systems
  • Proactively review and correct your data so there’s no question that your reports are right
  • Give you the information you need, when you need it, making decisions a whole lot easier


Tax is a stressful area for founders, entrepreneurs and professionals

We can take over all of your tax requirements and:

  • Eliminate your worries around what needs to be filed, when and how
  • Proactively review your information to make sure planning opportunities aren’t missed
  • Let you relax, knowing that you have the best strategies in place for your situation


Successful small businesses continually watch their budgets and manage their cash flow

We can handle this for you and:

  • Get rid of all the effort you spend building and maintaining spreadsheets
  • Give you a true financial partner to discuss operational ideas with
  • Let you sleep easier, knowing how your business will perform the next 12 months

CFO services

Strategic planning and forecasting is a key aspect to long term business success

We can take an active role in this area and:

  • Help eliminate any questions you have with high level finance
  • Give you a sounding board for strategic goals and plans
  • Raise your confidence, knowing what you need to do now, to succeed in 5 years time

What our clients say

Peace of mind to small business owners all across Canada


Our company has been using Twenty Eighty for 6 years now. Since our transition in utilizing their services it has enabled our company to navigate through the volatility within our Industry. Twenty Eighty has provided us with the expertise and guidance by creating an affordable and professional solution whether it was at a low or high level. They are not just an accounting service they are much much more.

Dean Falkenberg

Cartel Energy Services Inc.

The relationship I have with Twenty Eighty is invaluable to the everyday running of my small business.  As an owner of a veterinary clinic, I need an ‘all in one’ accounting/bookkeeping firm that I can rely on for the vast majority of my Human Resources.  As Twenty Eighty has a robust team, I can confidently hand off daily bookkeeping, payroll, and paying bills. I highly recommend Twenty Eighty for any type of small business for their comprehensive expertise in book keeping and accounting.  They allow me to see an ongoing ‘up  to the minute’ financial snapshot of my veterinary practice in real time.

Rick Dalrymple, DVM

Owner Big Rock Animal Clinic

Operating a small business is always a challenging time, especially during COVID. Twenty Eighty sat with us and helped us build a comprehensive plan to guide our way through it, managing cash flow, getting access to assistance and caring for our business like it was their own. The thorough budgeting process they created with us has ensured we are able to execute our strategy, stay on track and make the necessary adjustments and pivots and critical times. Their technology driven solutions and software help us easily look after expenses in a timely matter and gives us the most up to date information to drive the profitability of our company.

Michael McDonald

Owner Orangetheory Fitness

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